Zeta Plus™ TSM

Pleated versions of zetaplus media. TSM stands for Thin Sheet Media. Excellent pre-filtration for haze clarification and product clean up. For use where Glass Fibre technology is currently being used.

Filter Cartridges

The TSM cartridge is a durable and versatile pleated media cartridge offering the ultimate in submicron filtration. Long life, high flow rates and excellent particle retention makes the TSM cartridge an excellent choice for either final filtration or as a prefilter to membrane filters.

Charge modification enhances the particle removal efficiency of the nominally rated TSM filter. Contaminants too small to be mechanically strained are electrokinetically adsorbed by the TSM media. Because it is a depth filter, the tortuous matrix allows for high contaminant loading capabilities.

Zetapor TSM filter cartridges are available in two grades, 050TG and 100TG with particle retention ratings of 0.5 μm and 1.0 μm respectively based upon their mechanical straining efficiencies.


The TSM cartridge can be applied to many filtration applications. It can be used to solve numerous fluid contamination problems. Below is a partial listing of typical applications.

  • Beverages
    Yeast removal and clarification of wine, final polishing of distilled spirits.
  • Food Processing
    Catalyst and microbial removal, polishing filter prior to bottling.
  • Cosmetics
    Perfumes and aftershave lotions, assuring stability and shelf life through removal of colloidal haze and bacteria.
  • Pharmaceutical
    Membrane prefiltration and clarification, make-up water, and prefiltration of many parenteral products.
  • Chemical
    Catalyst removal, photographic solutions and magnetic tape coatings filtration.
  • Air and Gas
    Air filtration and particle contamination removal from various gases.
  • Fluid Power
    Hydraulic fluids

Cartridge Construction

The TSM cartridge is constructed with a pleated media composed of cellulose and inorganic filter aids completely free of asbestos or glass microfibers. Cartridges core, case, end caps and media support mesh materials are polypropylene made.

Multiple cartridge lengths of various end cap styles are produced by thermal bonding to eliminate the need for adapters. No adhesives are used in the cartridge assembly process. All materials used are FDA listed in the CFR 21 for food contact.

Cartridge Specifications

Nominal filtration rate: 050 TG = 0.5 μm
100 TG = 1.0 μm
Filtration area: 0.56 m2

TSM media is manufactured according to the procedures described in Cuno’s Drug Master Files on record at the National Center for Drugs and Biologics.

TSM media is non-toxic in accordance with USP systemic injection testing. Therefore, it is suitable for use as a prefi lter in the processing of parenteral drug products in accordance with the FDA.

Operating Conditions
Maximum Continuous
Operating Temperature:
Maximum Operating
Differential Pressure:
3,5 bar @ 25°C
Sterilisation: Autoclaving (121 °C, 30 min.)
In line steaming (126 °C, 30 min.)
Chemical sterilisation
Rinsing 30 litres/10" cartridge
RR Retention Rating
MT Maximum temperature recommended of a working product in degrees centigrade
MoC Primary material of construction
MoC Primary material of construction
MP Maximum working pressure of housing in bar
Brand Manufacturing brand name supplying the product
FE Filter efficiency
Q Quality assurances and certificates validating this product