Multi Bag Filter Housing

Our Multi bag filter housing are welded stainless steel construction to install 4, 6 or 8 pieces of filter bags size 2. They consist of a vertical cylindrical shell with boiler dished head. The upper lid seals with an O-ring and is equipped with a spring-assisted hinged lid. The closure of the housing by default is designed with eyebolts, but can be also delivered with quick closure clamp for faster opening and closing. The product inlet is located sidewise to the shell, the outlet tangentially in the lower boiler dished head.


  • Can be Designed according to customer’s specifications.
  • Design & manufacture according to internationally recognised standards:
    • VSR
    • EN 13445
    • ASME Sect. VIII Div. 1
    • AD Merkblatt
  • Testing & certifications according to European & International Directives:
    • 97/23/CE PED
    • ASME U-Stamp
    • SQL

Max operating temperature

The max. operating temperature depends from the material of the installed O-ring seal gasket:

EPDM (Standard) 120°C
Silicone 230°C
FEP 260°C
Buna-n 120°C
Viton 230°C
PTFE 230°C

Construction materials

AISI 316L Carbon steel
AISI 304L Hastelloy
(Other materials on request)

Internal lining

Internally lined construction is available on request (Halar, ECTFE, epoxy painting, etc).

Standard finishing

Internally/externally: Pickled, Mechanical polishing (on request)

No. Filter Bags

4, 6, 8, 16

RR Retention Rating
MT Maximum temperature recommended of a working product in degrees centigrade
MoC Primary material of construction
MoC Primary material of construction
MP Maximum working pressure of housing in bar
Brand Manufacturing brand name supplying the product
FE Filter efficiency
Q Quality assurances and certificates validating this product