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Polypropylene Guard Filters for Clear, Bright Beverages

The Trapfil™ filter from Porvair Filtration Group has been specifically developed for the retention of diatomite and polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP) particles. It is manufactured from materials which are 100% FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and fully welded for strength and integrity.

Features and Benefits

  • Backflushing
    High strength construction of the Trapfil™ cartridge enables repeated backflushing without loss of integrity.
  • Chemical regeneration
  • Suitable for steam and hot water sanitisation
  • Guaranteed removal ratings
    Trapfil™ cartridges are validated using the recognised industry standard modified OSU-F2 single pass test to Beta 5000 (99.98% efficiency)

Materials of Manufacture

Filter media:Polypropylene
Support layers:Polypropylene
Inner core:Polypropylene
Outer support:Polypropylene
End fittings:Polypropylene
Support ring:Stainless steel

Gaskets and O-Rings

Ethylene Propylene, PTFE encapsulated, Silicone, Viton, Nitrile or Polypropylene felt.

Maximum Differential Pressure

Normal flow direction at:
20°C (68°F):6.0bar (87psi)
80°C (176°F):4.0bar (58psi)
100°C (212°F):3.0bar (43psi)
Reverse flow direction at:
20°C (68°F):2.1bar (30psi)
80°C (176°F):1.0bar (15psi)
100°C (212°F):0.5bar (7psi)

Operating Temperature

Maximum continuous: 80°C (140°F)

Integrity Testing

Trapfil™ filter cartridges are batch tested for integrity using the Bubble Point Test. Procedural details are available from Porvair.

Effective Filtration Area

Up to 0.6m2 per 250mm module.


Trapfil™ cartridges are suitable for the guard filtration of a wide range of beverages, to enable the economic removal of diatomite and PVPP particles.

  • Stabilisation
    For the removal of coarse and fine PVPP powder used in the beer and wine stabilisation processes.
  • Clarification
    For the removal of kieselguhr powder used in the beer and wine clarification processes.

Clean Water Flow Rates

  • Typical clean water flow rate:
    A 254mm (10”) Trapfil™ single cartridge exhibits the flow-ΔP characteristics indicated below, for solutions with a viscosity of 1 centipoise.
  • Other solutions:
    For solutions with a viscosity of greater than 1 centipoise, multiply the indicated differential pressure by the viscosity in centipoise.


Product Attributes

Product Attributes
RR5, 10, 15μ absolute rated Beta 5000
MT80 ̊C
MoCPolypropylene and st/steel support ring
MDP6 bar @20 ̊C
QFDA 21CFR EC directive for food contact


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