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Star Bottom

The Star bottom is yet another new development to make the Pleated bag even better for the more critical applications. An optimized dust release function is provided by using the star-effect in the bottom part of the filter, ensuring that the dust is released from the filter into the hopper without being trapped on the bottom cap. This function makes the usage of Pleated bags in food- and ATEX applications even more suitable.

The Star bottom solution combined with our Weltech technology provides you the optimal solution for a durable multi-functional Pleated bag which is suitable within many application types.


  • No dust accumulation in bottom of the pleated bag
  • Optimal utilisation of the filter media
  • Food grade compliant

Pleat distance

Min. 5mm/0.20” inner pleat distance

Bottom outer diameter (OD)

Max OD bottom = 206 mm/8.10” (Covers our complete pleated bag program)


Working: 120°C/248°F
Peak: 140°C/284°F


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