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PFA® Filter Cartridges

All Fluoropolymer Constructed

PFA® Filter Cartridges are composed of an expanded PTFE membrane and PFA cage, core and support. These filters are specially designed for applications with extremely aggressive environments including strong acids, alkalis and solvents and high temperatures .

Among this series filters, validated sterile grade is also available, named as PFA-T which is highly recommended for strict pharmaceutical applications .

Features and Benefits

  • 100% all Fluoropolymer construction
  • High filtration performance including high flow rates and low pressure drops
  • Available in pre-wetted package if requested

Quality Standards

  • Integrity Test correlates to ASTM F838-05 Bacterial Challenge Test (applicable to PFA-T filter only)
  • Each filter is individually Integrity Tested prior to leaving the factory(applicable to PFA-T filter only)
  • Each filter is Fully Traceable with a unique serial number
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in compliance with IS09001
  • Full Regulatory Compliance with the following:
    • 21 CFR.21 0.3(b)(5)(6), 211 .72 for Non-Fiber Release
    • Endotoxins: <0.25EU/ml/10inch filter
    • USP <88> Plastic Class Vl-121°C
    • FDA 21 CFR177 -182 & EU 1 935/2004/EC

Typical Applications

  • Corrosive Acids, Alkalis and Solvents
  • High Temperature Applications
  • Air and Liquid Oxidization

Flow Rate Characteristics

Materials of Construction

Filter MediaExpanded PTFE Membrane
Core/End CapsPFA
0-ringPTFEI FEP Encapsulated Viton

Operating Conditions

Max. Continuous Operating Temperature170°C
Max. Differential Pressure4.0 bar / 50°C (forward)
3.0 bar / 110°C (forward)
1.5 bar / 170°C (forward)
Effective Filtration Area0.88m2 1 / 68-10 inch


lnline Steam Sterilizationup to 30 cycles (135°C for 30min@30kPa per cycle)
Autoclavingup to 30 cycles (1 30°C for 30min per cycle)

Integrity Test Data

Bubble PointBP: ⩾ 0.11 MPa (60%140%, IPNWater), PFA-T
Water Intrusion TestWIT : ≤ 0.38ml / min / 1 0″@ 0.25 MPa, PFA-T

Ordering Information

Removal RatingsEnd CapNominal LengthSeal MaterialPackage
0005=0.05μmTC = 222 I Flat05=5″S =SiliconeBlank=Standard
0022=0.22μmSC = 226 I Flat10=10″E =EPDMW=Pre-wetted
0045=0.45μmDOE=Double Open End20=20”V =Viton
0100=1.0μmSTC=222 / Flat (SS insert)30=30”P=FEP Encapsulated Viton
0300=3.0μmSSC=226 / Flat (SS insert)40=40”

* PFA-T available in 0.22um only.

* PFA filter is not 100% integrity tested, it is designed as a pre-filter or final filter when validation and sterility guarantee are not necessary.

* Please Select the SS insert end cap if the filter will be sterilized by SIP.