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Micro-Klean™ RT

Nominally rated pre filter, rigid coreless filter which help avoid unloading of material unlike melt blown filters. EN1935/2004 compliant for food contact and fibre shedding. The grooved surface here more than doubles the effective surface area. Outstanding pre filter to your absolute rated filters.


  • Graded Porosity Design
  • No Metal or Plastic Cores
  • Board Chemical Compatibility
  • Broad Range of Ratings from 1μ m to 150μm Nominal


  • Low Pressure Drop and Long Life for Consistent Filtration Performance
  • For Chemically Aggressive Applications
  • Wide Range of Effective Applications



The exclusive Micro-Klean III manufacturing process produces a rigid, resin bonded, graded porosity structure that eliminates by-pass and the uploading characteristics of soft and easily deformable, competitive filter cartridges such as spiral wound, melt-blown and string wound cartridges. The design of Micro-Klean III provides a family of filter cartridges that offer distinct advantages:

  • Consistent particle removal efficiencies with sharp cutoffs,
  • Ability to withstand high temperatures and elevated differential pressures,
  • Broad chemical compatibility, and
  • Consistent batch to batch filtration characteristics.


Cellulose (FDA Compliant**)
*Available only as 3 micron rated cartridges
CUNO recommends that only the Micro Klean 2 formulation be employed in food and beverage applications. Furthermore, the Micro Klean 2 formulation filter should only be used in accordance with 21CFR 177.2260 and that operating temperatures for use should not exceed 75°F (24°C). CUNO recommends testing of the product in actual application conditions before use.

Operating Data

Standard Micro-Klean III formulation is designed for maximum operating temperatures up to 300°F depending upon options selected. Use of CUNO’s patented polyethylene foam flat gasket for enhanced sealing limits the maximum operating temperature to 200°F. Micro-Klean III filter cartridges will withstand differential pressures of up to 70psid. To enhance both filter life and filtration efficiency, CUNO recommends use of the possible flow rate and filter replacement at 35 psid. Micro-Klean III filters used in Food & Beverage applications should not exceed 75°F (24°C).

Product Attributes

Product Attributes
RR1 to 75μ nominal
MT80 ̊C
MDP4.1bar @20 ̊C
QFDA compliant to 21CFR177-1520
EN 1935/2004


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