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Industrial Dust Filtration

Hall Pyke supplies high quality air filter cartridges, panel filters, pleated bags and filter accessories for most dust collectors and baghouses. With our range of high quality filter media, Hall Pyke provides air filtration solutions for various industries and dust types.

With more than 4000 different variations of industrial filters, Hall Pyke provides high quality air filtration solutions for various industries and dust collectors. With a range of 25+ types of quality filter media, we provide air filtration solutions for various pharmaceutical industries and dust types, including abrasive, toxic and explosive dust. Hall Pyke provides efficient air filtration solutions for a wide range of industries including Cement, Metal/Aluminium, Food & Beverage, Wood, Chemical, Powder Coating, Plasma/Laser Cutting, Sand Blasting and Textile.

The advantages of pleated bags

Increased durability, better efficiency, energy savings, reduced emission levels and easier installation.

Optimise the performance of your collector

The drop out box

The drop out box is the distance between the bottom of the filters and the hopper. The greater the distance, the better the conditions are for the heavier dust particles to be dropped from the airflow before contacting the filter surface area. To optimize the drop out box, install pleated bags which are shorter, as well as having more surface area. The increased drop out box removes the filter from the abrasion zone.

The Hopper

The Hopper should not be used for storage. Evacuation equipment (rotary valves, screw conveyor­s, etc.) should be sized to unload hopper before accumulation occurs. Units with slide gates should be left open and equipped with sealed drum adapters.

Choice of media

All dust types have specific characteristics and requires different handling. Therefore, it is often not enough to use a plain polyester media. Purchasing an enhanced treated/ coated media (for example ePTFE membrane, HO treatment or antistatic surface) often turns out to be profitable as a result of better pulse cleaning.

Some of the factors that influence the right choice of media are humidity, temperature, conductivity and acid.


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