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Fluid Bed Dryer Filters

Hall Pyke offers and supplies all types of filters for fluid bed dryers, we can offer direct replacements to the filters currently being used or work with our customers to improve the drying process.

Filters play a big part in dryer's and the right filter can help improve drying time, improve yields, prevent channelling and allow better airflow distribution.

The right material

Woven industrial textiles have been used in a variety of filtration, screening and separation processes in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical compounds.  Primarily these are found in liquid-solid and gas-solid separation applications in both API and finished pharmaceutical processing.  Common applications include deliquoring of solids in centrifuges, filter presses or Nutsche filter/dryers, liquid polishing of products or raw materials on filter presses and product containment in drying systems, particularly fluid bed dryers and tumble style dryers.

All of these processes include direct product contact to the filter media surface and as such should conform to FDA CFR Title,21 CFR Part 177 and /or EC No. 1935/2004, EU10/2011.

The special fabrics we use were developed specifically for this kind of application and have demonstrated their suitability over decades of use.

These fabrics are the same as the ones supplied by the fluidised bed dryer OEM, so no changes are necessary.  For special applications and process optimisations, we also produce a wide range of further developed fabrics.

The filter fabric is the most important component in a product filter. It performs the particle separation and product retention so it is decisive for product gain within the process.  In order to optimise the product gain, it is important to seal the seam of the filter element thus preventing product loss through the sewing holes.

Fluid bed dryer bags

Filters for fluid bed driers can be produced in different sizes and with up to 98 sleeves.  Furthermore, we offer these in anti-static fabric or needle felt with a different separation efficiency and different surface qualities.

We can produce bags for fluid bed driers in different shapes and versions to meet your requirements.

Centrifuge cloths

The quality and properties of the materials used in filter textiles substantially influence the filtration process.  We ensure the optimum choice for the individual process with regard to service life, product quality, handling, etc.

Mesh screens

Hall Pyke can advise and supply meshes for the product containers, the right mesh choice can help improve drying times and provide even airflow distribution, Hall Pyke uses Betamesh for mesh screens used in fluid bed dryers. Compared to all other existing types of metal filter cloth, Betamesh® has substantially higher flow rates and an excellent contaminant tolerance capacity at a given retention index. Excellent back-flushing properties can also be achieved using Betamesh screens.

HVAC for primary and final filtration

Just like with the filter cloths and meshes the right choice of HEPA filter can influence drying times etc, we only select the best of materials allowing for the highest flow rates with the lowest pressure drops.

We can also design and produce HEPA filters to your exact requirements.


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