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CPB Filter Element

Cora-Pleat is a high flow filter element that can be used in industry standard size 2 bag housings to replace bags, offering longer run times and higher dirt holding capacity along with high flow rate.

Pleated Filter Element for High Flow Filter Housings

  • Large filter area up to 10 m² **
  • Long lifetime and high dirt hold capacity
  • Flow rate up to 115 m³/h on a 60er-element
  • Series A with absolute particle retention 1-10 μm (99%)*
  • Series N with nominal particle retention 1-125 μm
  • Multiple layer filter media construction
  • Bypass free O-ring sealing
  • Robust design for heavy duty use
  • Flow direction from inside to outside
  • Impurities collected inside the element
  • Easy, fast and clean filter change out
  • Only one material for easy disposal
  • Suitable for all High Flow Housings

Cora®Pleat CPB, a filter element with pleated filter media. The large diameter and the element length offers a significantly high filter area making filtration applications possible with high flow rates and a maximum of filter efficiency.

With the high number of available filter media it can be a realized to manufacture filter elements with low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity and process applicable filter efficiency.

All filter components, except the gaskets, made from pure polypropylene and are thermally bonded. This results in no extractable substances (no binder) and reliable integrity of the element. Inside to outside flow direction configuration. All debris collected stays inside the filter and is with it easily and clean disposed.

Cora®Pleat CPB -Filter elements are designed for the use with High Flow Filter housings. The large filter area of the Cora®Pleat CPB elements, high possible flow rates and dirt hold capacity allow extremely economical filter installations = smaller filter housings, less installation space and lower investment cost.

Material for all componentsPolypropylene PP
Special designpossible on request
Gasket material optionalB = NBR (Nitrile-Butadiene-Rubber)
E = EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Rubber)
V = FKM (Fluor-carbon elastomere)
S = SI (Silicone)
Dimensions20: Ø 152 (160) x 522 mm long
40: Ø 152 (160) x 1038 mm long
60: Ø 152 (160) x 1514 mm long
Available adapterType A (Ø 160mm)
Filter areaup to 7,5m² in relation to element
size 40 and filter material
Max. operating temperature:80°C
Max. differential pressure3,5 bar / 20°C
Recommended change out at0,8 up to max. 2,4 bar
Max. flow rate***20: 40 m³/h
40: 80 m³/h60: 115 m³/h

Typical pressure drop for standard filter media


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