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Betapure™ NT

Flow distribution channels enable use of entire depth of filter. This offers extended service life and lower filtration costs. Three distinct media sections made from multiple layers combine to form this cartridge. Ideally suited where solid removal is primary concern v’s flow rate.

The Rigid Construction Advantage

Betapure® filter manufacturing utilizes state – of – the – art technology to produce a clear, rigid, filter structure with consistent and reproducible filtration characteristics. The filter matrix is constructed using long bicomponent fibres, each fibre having an inner core and an outer sheath. Betapure® filters are available in two bicomponent fibre structures, polypropylene/polyethylene or polyester/co- polyester, to provide the greatest range of process compatibility.

The bicomponent fibres of the filter matrix are thermally bonded by utilizing the difference in melt temperatures of the two fibre components. Heating the matrix to the melt temperature of the polyethylene sheath, but below that of the polypropylene core, causes the fibre-to-fibre bond at every contact point. The high degree of fibre-to-fibre bonding provides a rigid structure that eliminates the need for a core support and any possibility of media migration.

With 18 distinct grades with absolute ratings from 2 to 190 microns to permit the exact filter performance selection, Betapure® filters provide the greatest filtration economy available.

Flow Characteristics

The curve shows that at a given flow rate the pressure drop across Betapure® is considerably lower than competitive products.


Product Attributes

Product Attributes
RR0.5 to 75μ absolute
MT80 ̊C
MDP4.1bar @20 ̊C
QFDA compliant to 21CFR177-1520


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