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Betafine™ XL

Absolute rated Pleated Polypropylene filter. Utilizes 3M’s patented Advanced Pleat Technology (APT) which increases the usable surface area of the cartridge.

Excellent for Food applications especially bottled water particle removal.

Providing Reduced Total Filtration Costs and Predictable Filtration Performance

The Betafine® XL filter represents a major advance in pleated filter technology. Building on CUNO’s history of filter design innovation, this absolute-rated, 100% polypropylene, pleated cartridge features a patent pending Advanced Pleat Technology™ (APT) that increases the usable filtration surface area while maintaining standard industrial cartridge dimensions. The result is a filter cartridge that dramatically enhances service life.


  • Reduced Total Filtration Costs
    Fewer cartridges used, reduced cartridge change-out frequency, reduced downtime and product waste, and reduced labour and disposal costs.
  • Predictable filtration performance
    Reduced quality checks, reduced product rejects and rework, and increased productivity and plant capacity.

Absolute Ratings

The assurance of predictable and reproducible contaminant removal can best be provided by the use of absolute-rated filters. Betafine® XL filters are absolute rated to Beta 1000 (99.9% efficiency at its rating) and are available in 9 distinct ratings from 0.2 micron to 70 micron. This provides a complete choice of ratings to meet the exacting filtration requirements for the most critical applications.

Betafine® XL Absolute Filter Ratings
CUNO DesignationRating (microns)

Betafine® XL Advanced Pleat Technology™ utilizes a unique configuration to increase the accessible surface area for significantly greater filter media use


Media:Pleated Polypropylene
Media Support:Polypropylene
Core, Outer Cage, End Caps:Polypropylene
Gasket & O-ring Options:Silicone, Fluorocarbon, Ethylene Propylene, PTFE Encapsulated O-ring, Polyethylene, Nitrile

Operating Conditions

Maximum Operating Temperature80°C
Max. Forward Pressure Differential4 bar @ 25°C (60 psi)
Max. Reverse Pressure Differential2,6 bar @ 25°C (40 psi)

Flow Characteristics

Flow vs. differential pressure for water is depicted in the following graphs for each Betafine® XL grade. A typical filter system is often sized for an initial differential pressure of 40 – 70 mbar. Low flow rates will further extend the life of a filter system.




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