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The Aquafil is a non integrity tested PES single layer membrane. This option allows you to purchase a low cost membrane to act as a pre filter to your final filter, ideal for applications where the particle size range is very low but high volume. A 0.45 Biofil can have a 0.45 Aquafil as a pre filter thus taking the load of the final integrity tested filter for half the price.

Single Layer Polyethersulphone Membrane Cartridge Filters

A range of cartridge filters from Porvair Filtration Group, featuring the latest developments in membrane technology, Aquafil™ cartridges are based on a naturally hydrophilic polyethersulphone membrane with a mirrored asymmetric pore structure. When combined with quality all-polypropylene cartridge components and high integrity manufacturing techniques common to all Porvair cartridge filters, the polyethersulphone membrane provides a high strength, long life cartridge.

Features and Benefits

  • Removal ratings
    Aquafil™ cartridges are available in 0.2, 0.45, 0.65 and 1.2 micron.
  • Low protein binding
    Aquafil™ cartridges have excellent low protein binding characteristics, typically 10 times lower than nylon, 2 times lower than polysulphone and similar to PVDF.
  • Will not hydrolyse
    Compared with other membranes such as nylon, the polyethersulphone membrane used in Aquafil™ cartridges is extremely resistant to hydrolysis. Capable of exposure in excess of 2 years, they are ideal for hot deionised water applications.
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Suitable for steam sterilising
  • Full traceability
  • Controlled manufacturing environment

Materials of Manufacture

Filter media:Polyethersulphone
Membrane support:Polypropylene
Irrigation mesh (support):Polypropylene
Drainage layer:Polypropylene
Inner core:Polypropylene
Outer support:Polypropylene
End fittings:Polypropylene
Support ring:Stainless steel

Product Attributes

Gaskets and O-Rings

FDA approved Ethylene Propylene, PTFE encapsulated, Silicone or Nitrile.

Maximum Differential Pressure

Normal flow direction at:
20°C (68°F):6.0 bar (87lb/in2)
80°C (176°F):4.0 bar (58lb/in2)
100°C (212°F):3.0 bar (43lb/in2)
120°C (248°F):2.0 bar (29lb/in2)

Operating Temperature

Maximum continuous: 60°C (140°F)


In situ steam 80 x 20 minute cycles at 125°C (257°F).
Hot water 100 x 20 minute cycles at 85-90°C (185-194°F).

Effective Filtration Area

Pore Size RatingEffective Filtration Area (each 254mm (10″) module)
0.2, 0.45, 0.65 and 1.2μm0.69m2 (7.4ft2)


  • Pure water supply
    For use in de-mineralised and de-ionised water treatment systems for bioburden reduction in recirculating systems.
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Opthalmic solutions
  • Electronics and semiconductors
    For the sub-micronic filtration of process water and chemicals, including solvents, developers and photoresists. Applications typically include central water plant treatment.
  • Fine chemicals
  • Beverages

Clean Water Flow Rates



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