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Filterability Testing

What is Filterability?

The filterability characteristic of a fluid can be defined as its ability to pass through a filter without giving rise to undue pressure drop which will lead to loss of useful life.From this, the reader can conclude that filterability is a user-driven requirement aimed at enhancing operating efficiency and reducing costs.

If a fluid has poor filterability, the filter element will block up rapidly, perhaps frequently. Conversely, good filterability of the fluid does not guarantee good filter service life. This presents the question, “Is poor filterability the fault of the fluid, or the fault of something else?”

What we do.

Testing filterability will provide customers with a measure of how well their process fluid will perform in the final filtration. If the filterability is poor, the customer will have the chance to apply palliative treatments, ensuring homogeneity and avoiding problems during processing.


Fluid is passed through a standard 47mm disc of the chosen final filter micron rating and media and filtration speed monitored versus time. This data is extrapolated out and scaled up to your system requirements.

Where can we do this work?

Either in-house in our lab in Dublin or on site.