Coming soon! The Stabifil from Porvair. Convenient, robust and economic stabilisation of beverages.

Porvair have combined technology from their polymers division and their filtration division to create uniquely designed filter. The Stabifil eliminates bulk powder handling from the beverage clarification process. Highly flexible, adjust contact time by adjusting flow rate of the liquid. Design is unique and highly beneficial to the stabilization and clarification processes of beverages.

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Jet Blow-back Filter Elements and Complete Systems

Hall Pyke can design and manufacture pulsed jet blow-back filter elements and complete systems for the recovery and containment of valuable powders for a wide range of applications in powder production and processing. Whether for a new plant or the retrofit/upgrading of an existing powder processing plant, we carefully assess customer needs to define a system customised to fully meet all requirements.

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Safe Change Systems

Hall Pyke Safe Change filter systems are designed to prevent the exposure of the operator to potentially hazardous or toxic contaminants that may be present. As exhausted/contaminated filters are removed from the housing any hazardous, toxic or radioactive contaminants captured within the filter will be sealed within the safe change bag. Safe change housings may have up to three ports to allow for Prefilter, HEPA and Carbon filtration. All the systems are custom designed to meet the needs of our clients.

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