Mesh Fabrication and Strainers

Screen Re-Meshing

Hall Pyke tension bonding service is one of the best in the market today offering full traceability on all parts used. Using G.Bopp a Swiss wire weavers st/steel woven mesh we can offer three mesh options ISO9044, ISO3310 or Bopp SI quality mesh. Bopp SI standard is one of the highest in the world and in conjunction with our adhesives to ISO10933 our service and traceability is second to none.

Hall Pyke also offers a bespoke frame and mesh fabrication service.

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Mesh Fabrication

As agents for G Bopp in Ireland Hall Pyke offer the following services.

  • Stainless Steel woven wire mesh for filtration, sieving & sizing. The most common produced mesh type for sale by Bopp is square weave mesh, produced with aperture sizes from just a few millimeters down to 26 micron mesh, the finest available.
  • Baskets and Elements manufactured to your specifications.
  • Sieve Screens re-meshed via Machine Tension Bonding/Welding.
  • Re-meshing of Nutsche type filters and filter leaves.
  • Topmesh Sintered 2 layer mesh, 15 micron - 500 micron for maximum clean ability.
  • Synthetic filter cloth and mesh.
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Laser Cut Panels

By using laser cutting devices Hall Pyke can offer a cutting service for synthetic meshes that allows for a clean sealed edge reducing the chances of lose threads migrating down stream.

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Wedge Wire Fabrication

Wedge wire is a welded steel structure, mainly used for filtration, separation and retention media. Hall Pyke can offer fabrication of sheets or tubes of wedge wire for applications such as run down screens, in-line strainers for pump and nozzle protection, mash filtration, dewatering and many other bespoke designs.

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