LifeASSURE™ BNA045 & BNA065 Series

Filter Cartridges for Beverage Microbiological Stability

LifeASSURE BNA filter cartridges employ a highly-asymmetric polyether sulfone (PES) membrane that delivers excellent spoilage microorganism retention while greatly minimizing any organoleptic interference. This highly durable membrane/cartridge design withstands repeated exposure to hot water sanitation and steam sterilization as well as common chemical cleaning and sanitizing agents.

Complementing this high-performance membrane are 3M Purification Inc.’s Advanced Pleat Technology (APT) design and an upstream and downstream support design. All three work in concert to provide an increased flow rate at a lower pressure drop, resulting in smaller filter cartridge assemblies with extended service life and a lower overall operational costs.

Materials of Manufacture

Membrane Polyether sulfone
Support layers Polypropylene
Outer Cage, Inner Core, End Caps Polypropylene
Adaptor Polypropylene with polysulfone reinforcing ring
O-rings Various


  • Highly asymmetric PES membrane
  • High spoilage organism retention
  • Advanced Pleat Technology (APT)
  • Novel upstream/downstream supports
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Meets requirements for food contact food contact


  • Longer service life than competitive filter cartridges
  • Lower operating costs than competitive filter cartridges
  • Reliable microbiological control
  • Performance matched to industry standards
  • Increased accessible surface area
  • Longer service life than competitive filter cartridges
  • Lower operating costs than competitive filter cartridges
  • Increased flow per cartridge
  • Reduced housing costs
  • Stable with most cleaning and sanitation regimes
  • Complies with requirements of the Pure Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for

Reliable Microbiological Control

The primary purpose of a membrane filter cartridge in beverage processing is to effectively control spoilage microorganisms. LifeASSURETM BNA 0.45 micron and 0.65 micron rated filter cartridges provide superior retention of common spoilage microorganisms, even at challenge concentrations that far exceed those experienced by most beverage producers (typically 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 cells per cm2 of membrane area).

LifeASSURE BNA Microorganism Typical Log Reduction Value (LRV)
BNA045 Serratia marcescens 8
BNA045 Oenococcus oeni 9
BNA045 Lactobacillus brevis 10
BNA045 Dekkera intermedia 9
BNA065 Lactobacillus brevis 7
BNA065 Dekkera intermedia 9

Log Reduction Values are calculated using the following formula:

For additional information, consult the LifeASSURE BNA Technical Support Guide, 70-0201-8839-0.

Fast Flow Rates at Low Pressure Drops

3M Purification Inc. has combined three key technological advances to provide the fastest flow rate per unit of pressure drop. These three technologies, a highly asymmetric microporous membrane, Advanced Pleat Technology (APT) design, and an upstream and downstream support design, afford users with faster process flow rates using fewer filter cartridges.

Initial clean pressure drop (water) for a 30” filter cartridge flowing at 20 gpm (76 lpm)
3M Purification Inc. LifeASSURE BNA045 0.75 psid (52 mbar)
Pall OenoPure “GB” * 1.92 psid (132 mbar)
Millipore Vitipore® II * 7.5 psid (517 mbar)
Sartorius Vinosart PS * 2.5 psid (172 mbar)

Operating Parameters

Recommended Flow Rate (10'' Element) Beer 1-2 gpm (3.8 – 7.6 lpm)
Wine 2 – 3 gpm (7.6 – 11.4 lpm)
Maximum 9 gpm per psid (34 lpm per 68.9 mbar)
Max. Differential Pressure (Forward) 80 psid @ 77°F (5.5 bar @ 25°C)  
35 psid @ 194°F (2.4 bar @90°C)  
Max. Hot Water Sanitation Temperature 194°F (90°C) - 150, 30 minute cycles  
Max. Steam Sterilization Temperature 275°F (135°C) - 75 cycles, 30 minute cycles  
NaOH cleaning duration (conc. 1M @ 65°C) 100 hours  
Peracetic acid sanitation
(conc. 1% @ 21°C)
100 hours  
RR Retention Rating
MT Maximum temperature recommended of a working product in degrees centigrade
MoC Primary material of construction
MoC Primary material of construction
MP Maximum working pressure of housing in bar
Brand Manufacturing brand name supplying the product
FE Filter efficiency
Q Quality assurances and certificates validating this product