Hygienic Strainers For Food Industry

Hall Pyke Slotted and Perforated Strainers

High Operational Reliablity, Stability and Durability

HALL PYKE slotted and perforated strainers - high operational reliability, stability and durability. HALL PYKE filters are used in the food and beverage industry, in the mechanical industry and plant construction, as well as in the agricultural industry, paper processing, sewage treatment or as system protection for pumps and membranes. HALL PYKE slotted strainers are characterized by their high service life and exemplary self-cleaning properties. The flow-facilitating design of the slotted strainers makes CIP cleaning more effective and means they also meet higher standards of hygienic design. In order to fulfill all technical requirements we have extended the filter range for the HALL PYKE angle type strainer housing by adding the HALL PYKE perforated strainers. The HALL PYKE perforated strainers allow further requirements in filter processes to be performed. Fibrous medium have been a problem for the previously used slotted strainers. These medium can flow laterally into the strainers and thus penetrate into the filtrate. However, perforated strainers prevent such flooding of the filtrate. Electropolishing ensures the strainer surfaces are finely deburred, so that no medium can get caught at the so-called hole burr.

The stable, unperforated side edge is roll-welded and gives the perforated strainer high stability at high pressure differences and pressure surges. The new HALL PYKE perforated strainers are compatible with all established HALL PYKE angle type strainer housings. This means you can insert various different filter types into the HALL PYKE housings without much time and effort.

It goes without saying that the proven cleaning function is activated by removing the filter units in the perforated strainers too.

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