HEPA / ULPA Filters

Absolute filters or HEPA/ULPA filters are used wherever it is important to guarantee a defined air purity to protect life and or manufacturing processes.

All Jack Filter absolute filters from filter class H13 upwards are automatically scan-tested for leaks, in accordance with EN 1822.2009.

Product Attributes
FEE10>85% IE
E11>95% IE
E12>99.5% IE
H13>99.95% IE
H14>99.995% IE
U15>99.9995% IE
Brand Jack Filter
Q EN1822:2009
RR Retention Rating
MT Maximum temperature recommended of a working product in degrees centigrade
MoC Primary material of construction
MoC Primary material of construction
MP Maximum working pressure of housing in bar
Brand Manufacturing brand name supplying the product
FE Filter efficiency
Q Quality assurances and certificates validating this product