HEPA Filter Cell - HV-11 / HV-13 / HV-14

Hall Pyke HEPA-Filter cells are made of high quality microfibre paper with textile thread spacers. This V-shaped construction of self-supporting media packs with optimized pleating geometry is connected particle-tight to the frame. The installing position of the filter is not relevant for operation.

The enormous filter area is one of the mail characters of this filter type. It is installed when highest airflow rates are needed (i.e. safe-change housing, filter casings).

Each filter panel of fitter class H13 and better is single-tested according to EN 1822. All required technical data are labelled on this fitter.

Technical data

Filter class acc. To EN 1822 H11 H13 H14
Efficiency (MPPS) ≥ 95% ≥ 99,95% ≥ 99,995%
Initial pressure drop 125Pa 250Pa 250Pa
Final pressure drop (rec.) 400Pa 500Pa 500Pa
Max. operating temperature 80° 80° 80°
Max. rel. humidity 100% 100% 100%
Inflammability acc. to DIN 53438 F1 F1 F1

Casing material

  • MDF (standard)
  • Galvanized sheet steel (standard)
  • Stainless steel (material code 1.4301) (optional)


  • Flat profile gasket (standard)
  • Continuous foam gasket (optional)
  • Grooved gasket (optional)
  • High temperature gasket (optional)
RR Retention Rating
MT Maximum temperature recommended of a working product in degrees centigrade
MoC Primary material of construction
MoC Primary material of construction
MP Maximum working pressure of housing in bar
Brand Manufacturing brand name supplying the product
FE Filter efficiency
Q Quality assurances and certificates validating this product