Fine Dust Filter
Pocket filters F6 to F9 (TS, TV, TP, TG)

Made of multilayer polypropylene, meltblown synthetic or fiberglass filter media. Used as both pre filters and final filters in all types of HVAC systems. The use of high grade filter media and state of the art production know-how guarantees a highly economic solution. All filters are offered with metal or plastic frames and have a single frame construction with tailored vshaped sown pockets. The individual seams are holt melt sealed to prevent penetration of dust.

Product Attributes
FE M5(F5), M6(F6), F7, F8, F9
Brand Jack Filter
Q EN779:2012
RR Retention Rating
MT Maximum temperature recommended of a working product in degrees centigrade
MoC Primary material of construction
MoC Primary material of construction
MP Maximum working pressure of housing in bar
Brand Manufacturing brand name supplying the product
FE Filter efficiency
Q Quality assurances and certificates validating this product