Filter Bags

With the help of leading-edge computer-aided manufacturing technology, we produce customised filter bags for all types of filtration systems. The selection of high-quality technical fabrics and needle felts with different surface finishes and special treatments and fittings allows our filter bags to achieve a long service life with optimum filtration efficiency, low pressure losses and best regeneration results.

Product filter for fluid-bed driers

We develop product filters in close collaboration with our customers. Our many years of experience, careful selection of materials and professional processing provide you with an original product of highest OEM quality. The various dimensions and designs are custom-fit to the different applications according to the special requirements of our customers from the pharmaceutical, chemical and food and beverage industries. Our special qualities have been tried and tested in practice over decades. We also offer you our repair service for used filter units.

Support elements

The combination of high-quality filtration and support elements is decisive for optimal operation of the filtration system and for the service life of the filtration media. Experience has shown that insufficient wire thickness, for example, or poorly manufactured or corroded support elements can reduce the service life of the filtration element.

We Supply
  • Circular, square, star-shaped, oval, flat oval
  • One-piece or divided with double ring, claws or special metal ring coupling
  • With/without venturi nozzles
  • Raw, galvanised, epoxy-coated or stainless steel
  • Aluminium profile frame for two, three or four channel filter pockets
  • Inserts for multi-filter pockets with PVC edge protection
  • Mouth pieces and torsion springs
  • Installation aids and tools

Contrast powder

Fluorescent contrast powder

Fluorescent contrast powder is used for rapid and precise identification of leakage points in filtration systems. The fluorescent powder is filled into the filtration system, follows the path of least resistance and accumulates at leakage points. Ultraviolet light is then used to quickly and accurately identify the leakage and its cause.

  • Decades of successful application
  • Easy to use
  • Shortens downtime
  • Helps reduce costs

Can be delivered from stock in different colours: yellow, pink, green, red, orange.
Packaging units of 1.5 kg or 4.5 kg.

UV lights

UV light is used to make the fluorescent powder glow as brightly as possible. Our custom-designed compact flashlight is one of the strongest of its kind.

  • The LED output is comparable to that of a 150 W light.
  • The beam is 15 times brighter than in regular LED lights.
  • Inspection range of up to 6 m.

You can also obtain spare glasses from us.

Just ask for our supplementary brochure with detailed instructions.

Pre-coating powder

Are you having problems with wet, oily and sticky dusts and gases blocking your filter element?

WOKU pre-coating powder can boost the performance of textile and pleated filtration elements and protects the filtration element with its special structure.

The pre-coating powder is introduced into the filtration system when new filtration elements have been installed. It then forms a supporting filtration layer over the surface of the new filtration elements. This initial supporting filtration layer, consisting of a multitude of pores, prevents the ingress of dust particles into the filtration media and thus effectively prevents clogging or caking.

  • Increases the efficiency of your system
  • Reduces caking
  • Improves cleaning
  • Can prolong service life
  • Inert
  • pH-neutral
  • Safe and easy to use

Moreover, the pre-coating powder is lighter than the lime usually used and is not removed, or not substantially removed, from the filtration elements during cleaning.

Recommended doses:

  • 250 g/m2 filter surface for filter bags/pockets
  • 150 g/m2 filter surface for pleated filter cartridges/panels


Materials and equipment

We manufacture our products from high-quality needle felts, textiles and non- woven textiles. We have a large number of specialised equipment and coatings to optimise filtration results and service life:

  • Oleophobic/hydrophobic
  • Siliconised
  • PTFE single-fibre impregnation or coating
  • Conductive (anti-static)
  • Spark-resistant
  • Flame-retardant
  • Micro-fibres
  • Asymmetrically-designed customised products
  • ePTFE membranes
  • Hybrid filter materials
  • Micro-porous foam coatings
  • Nano-coatings
  • and more
Antistatic filter media
  • For use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Tested to DIN 54 345 Parts 1 and 5
Needle felts and textiles for the food and beverage industry

Needle felts and textiles used for the filtration of foodstuffs must meet special requirements. In addition to optimum filtration and cleaning properties, their food- safety also plays a decisive role. For these demanding applications we provide a range of certified filter media – with and without ePTFE-Membrane – including a compliance statement to Commission Regulation No. 10/2011 EC and/or compliance with Federal Regulation FDA 21 CFR.

Available Downloads

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