C Series Dual Purpose Powdered-Activated Carbon Cartridges

Features and Benefits

  • Economically priced
  • Provides sediment filtration, bad taste & odor and chlorine taste & odor reduction*
  • High dirt-holding capacity
  • Recommended for chlorinated water supplies
Filter Media PAC Impregnated Cellulose
End Caps Polypropylene (C8)
Vinyl Plastisol (C1 and C2)
Netting Polyethylene
Core Polypropylene
Reinforcement Backing Polyester (C8)
Cellulose Polyester (C1 and C2)

Temperature Rating

40°F to 145°F (4.4° C to 62.8°C)


Buna-N (C8)

RR Retention Rating
MT Maximum temperature recommended of a working product in degrees centigrade
MoC Primary material of construction
MoC Primary material of construction
MP Maximum working pressure of housing in bar
Brand Manufacturing brand name supplying the product
FE Filter efficiency
Q Quality assurances and certificates validating this product